Marina Del Rey Anchorages

At its commemoration on April 10, 1965, the Marina del Rey harbor was the world’s largest manmade recreational small craft harbor. Originally envisioned in the 1880s as a major commercial port connecting shipping to the nation’s rail system, the project underwent many trials and failures, ceding commercial shipping to the Port of Los Angeles. By doing so, the area became the best venue for development of a major recreational small craft harbor, whose time had come in the post WWII years of the 1950s. The County of Los Angeles gathered the land, plans, financial and political capital and succeeded in going forward with what was then an unprecidented public works project. Today’s Marina del Rey is administered by the County of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors, serves the entire county population, and as the County’s “Crown Jewel,” combines recreation, restaurant, retail, tourism and residential communities.